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Penalty Betting are known as a type of betting bet in soccer. However, what form is this? What is the calculation method and what to note when betting? To answer all these questions, let’s explore with Jiliasia Sports!

What is Penalty Betting?

What is Penalty Betting?

Penalty betting, also known as 11m bet, is a type of final bet in a football match. This form is often applied when the score between the two teams is tied. The match went through 90 minutes plus 2 extra periods and the winner has not yet been determined.

Penalty betting are used to determine winners and losers. In this category, two teams will take penalty kicks from a distance of 11 meters. Initially, each team will have the first 5 shots to determine the result. If after 5 rounds the score is still tied, each team will continue to play 1 more round until there is a winner or loser.

Handicap and Over/Under Penalty Betting are predicting which team will win a penalty shootout and the number of Penalty shots that will be taken. To win this bet, players need to have experience and knowledge about how to bet on matches using penalty shootouts, especially during the Euro season.

Penalty Betting only appear in some prominent matches and can only be used under certain conditions:

The match must be decided by taking Penalty shots from 11 meters.

After 90 minutes of official play and 2 extra periods, the winner could not be determined.

Penalty Betting are often placed while the match is still going on. It brings thrill to both players and fans with each shot deciding the outcome of the match.

How to Bet on Penalty Betting?

How to Bet on Penalty Betting?

In 11m bets, we often see two types: Handicap and Over/Under bets. Handicap betting is often an assessment of the strength of two teams. Stronger teams will have lower betting odds, meaning less winnings when you bet on them. Meanwhile, Over/Under bets involve predicting the total number of goals that will be scored in the penalty shootout. Usually 7 shots out of a total of 10 shots that the two teams will make.

Players in the 11m bet must make predictions about the winning team and the result Over or Under. Normally, the match will end when the score in the 11m penalty shootout has a difference of 2 goals. If the bet is correct, the player will definitely win. At the same time, the bet amount the player receives is based on the result of the 11m penalty shootout.

In fact, placing accurate bets in Over/Under Penalty Betting is not easy. The reason is because both teams usually have equivalent strength. Results are often based more on luck than prediction. The number of players participating in betting on 11m bets is often very large. However, not everyone can win in this type of bet. Also because of the unpredictable nature of the penalty shootout.

Instructions on How to Calculate Penalty Betting Most Accurately

In reality, not every match has this type of bet. According to the rules of bookmaker Jiliasia, players will predict the number of goals a team will score based on the odds offered by the bookmaker.

If the dealer gives a number of 4, you will have two options: bet Over or Under. If the total number of goals scored in the match is greater than 4, then selecting Over will win. On the contrary, if the total number of goals is less than 4, choosing Under will win. In case the total number of goals is exactly 4, the result will be a draw. This calculation is not too complicated and is relatively easy to understand, even rookies can grasp this form.

Learn Some Bookmakers’ Rules About Penalty Betting

According to the house’s regulations, the result in the Penalty bet will be based on the referee’s decision. All decisions of the head referee will form the basis for determining the result of the match and the total number of goals scored by each team.

Thus, the referee’s decision becomes an important factor in determining Over or Under bets. It is important for those participating in betting to clearly understand how the bookmaker sets the odds, to avoid losing money unfairly.

Revealing Effective Penalty Betting Experience

Revealing Effective Penalty Betting Experience

When participating in this form, bettors need to consider a number of important factors. This is not only about the match situation, the strength of the team, and the players’ ability to execute Penalty, but also requires statistics about the previous results of each team. In addition, it is also extremely necessary to monitor market changes and look for betting opportunities.

Pay attention when the strong team plays the ball

In the case of the 11m handicap bet, when the strong team kicks the ball and has more money than the weak team, the strong team’s winning rate will be higher. If the betting odds are between 0.60 and 0.70, the possibility of the strong team winning after the penalty kick is high.

In a match with equal odds, players can choose the team with lower odds usually in the range of 0.80 to 0.90.

Know how to predict Over/Under odds

To predict Over or Under bets, you need to monitor the Over/Under value given by the bookmaker. Normally, if Over/Under is set at 7 balls and the money is placed on the Under side, but near the time of the Penalty there is a switch and the money is placed on the Over side, then you can consider betting on the Over side. Finance. If the odds of betting on Over/Under are profitable enough, then you can consider betting on Under.

Capture rate information and bookmaker instructions

In addition to observing the match, betting odds information and bookmaker instructions are also matters of concern. You need to learn specifically about the house’s policy on this form. 

At the same time, it is necessary to comply with the house’s rules and regulations. Finally, you need to ensure good mood and health, to be able to make the right betting decisions in Penalty betting.

Bet as soon as the team takes the first free kick

If the player has grasped how this form works, it is best to wait until the first shot before placing a bet. Whether the shot is successful or not, this shot still has a big impact on the psychology of the players right on the field. 

With small mistakes, the mentality will definitely not be stable compared to big teams. Therefore, this will be the first easy mistake to make. Therefore, players need to remember to place money as soon as the team has their first free kick. 

Surely with this method, players can succeed up to 80%. The remaining 20% ​​depends on your luck. Therefore, players can completely feel secure when choosing this form.


Hopefully with the above sharing, players have grasped the information they need to know about Penalty betting. This is considered a popular form of betting and easy to win. Therefore, please apply the shares and tips above to increase your chances of winning!

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